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Much luck to you if not at all impossible

Violent men, and men in authority over violent men, and the broader public that authorises those men, are not yet shamed by the harm of coercive control over women … Maybe we can rest some hope on the growing activity of men of goodwill calling on each other to change. When that group hits a critical mass, the majority of men will be more likely to want to change.

-Lee Lakeman


We spend too much time trying to control the moment instead of living in the present.

-Nanny Chu

The Buddha once cried out in pity for an immodest yogin who had wasted 20 years of life in learning to walk on the water, when for a small coin the ferryman would have taken him across.

Two more figs. Sent here for the purpose of remembering.

Two more figs. Sent here for the purpose of remembering.

Figs (2)

Figs (2)

Be uncertain of anyone who hasn’t at some point gone mad.

-Nanny Chu

The true life is not reducible to words spoken or written, not by anyone, ever. The true life takes place when we’re alone, thinking, feeling, lost in memory, dreamily self-aware, the submicroscopic moments. He said this more than once, Elster did, in more than one way. His life happened, he said, when he sat staring at a blank wall, thinking about dinner…

He said we do this all the time, all of us, we become ourselves beneath the running thoughts and dim images, wondering idly when we’ll die. This is how we live and think whether we know it or not. These are the unsorted thoughts we have looking out the train window, small dull smears of meditative panic.

—Don DeLillo, Point Omega (via liquidnight)

You mother knows less than you think and more than you imagine.

-Nanny Chu

It is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.

—Albert Camus (via fawksianfella)

(via gnostix1)

I will never call myself a ‘cancer survivor’ because I think it devalues those who do not survive. There’s this whole mythology that people bravely battle their cancer and then they become ‘survivors.’ Well, the ones who don’t survive may be just as brave, just as courageous, wonderful people and I don’t feel that I have any leg up on them.

There never was a Bodhi Tree nor bright mirror standing. Fundamentally, not one thing exists. So where is the dust to cling?

—Hui-neng (via marigriffin)

“Zen is really just a reminder to stay alive and to be awake. We tend to daydream all the time, speculating about the future and dwelling on the past. Zen practice is about appreciating your life in this moment. If you are truly aware of five minutes a day, then you are doing pretty well. We are beset by both the future and the past, and there is no reality apart from the here and now.”

In the land of the stoic everyone’s a drama queen.

-Uncle Joe

"In my beginning is my end. In my end is my beginning."

(Eliot/East Coker)

Stay with the same old same old and you will be.

-Nanny Chu