Mister Chu

Much luck to you if not at all impossible

Mister Chu is listening

to the food specialist lady (this is on the old Grundig radio in his painting room which is really quite small (room not radio)) and she’s saying that when you’re hungry for something have a handful of nuts as a snack, but the problem here is Mister Chu has very large hands indeed. He says this was one of the reasons he became a painter. The large hands. But then Mister Chu says that about many things. Maybe it’s true.

Sea birds. Another reason maybe. He wrote about them on a postcard to his friend Fred from the islands where he found himself over Christmas. It was short, the postcard. Mister Chu likes their brief analogue style, but he finds them hard to write. For all of that he had won this vacation (long story) and was determined that there should be some record of it and thus rather than helping the indigent economy by buying postcards of local matters (of which there were many), he took some pre-cut watercolor cards with him to make his own. This was the only one he managed.


There are big fucking birds here Fred. Pelicans you wouldn’t believe as being possible. They remind me all of your bankers. Damp and violent. Black three-piece suits. Gold nibs for teeth the better to kill you with. Here’s one I painted just earlier in the afternoon. He seems a bastard. Be well. 

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